The US economic sanctions against Russian oligarchs will have some effect, but unfortunately probably won’t go far enough to stop Putin in his tracks. Most of the richest Russians – like Roman Abramovich and Alisher Usmanov – who famously hold assets in the West will go largely unaffected by sanctions. Most oligarch wealth (both Russian and otherwise) is held offshore in tax haven countries more protected from government intervention.

By one estimate, Russian oligarchs have stashed more than $800 billion of their wealth in countries like the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Cyprus, meaning these sanctions have many of the same limitations of modern tax enforcement – we can’t get to their money without further international cooperation. (Patriotic Millionaires 5 March 2022)

My comment: Moral- being a petty thief is pointless and liable to end in prison. For the freedom to bribe your way through life, become an oligarch (if you survive without other, jealous crooks doing away with you). Me, I can’t understand why anyone wants or feels they need billions or the thought processes of the outrageous crook while amassing them.

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