Modern silliness

The U.K. National Trust is the British organisation that looks after historic houses and gardens. (Up to now it has done a great job, a tourist’s must-see. (Ed.)

But the Trust’s “Ten-year Vision” seeks to reposition it in a manner that provides a telling example of the relentless politicisation of areas of life that should escape politics. Its raison d’être, you’d think, was to preserve historically significant houses and gardens for public enjoyment. Wrong. The Trust’s “Ten-year Vision” talks instead of the need for a “revolutionary” move away from the “outdated mansion experience” (sic) Underpinning “our 21st century ambition”, it says, “is our renewed commitment to… playing our part to create a fair, equal society” (Excuse me! What? Ed.)

And it’s not just the Trust. Football and rugby players have to kneel before every game “in obeisance to a protest movement sparked in another continent”. A male-voice choir of police employees in Wales has been told it can no longer associate itself with the police because it does not accept women members. (Male voice choirs are an old Welsh tradition. Ed) Such intrusions into the domain of independent societies threaten the very basis of pluralist society. “If we bow to the demand that all human activity must be understood and mediated through a political lens, we will live to regret it.”
(Niall Gooch, UnHerd, The Week, 24 October 2020)

My comment: How, pray, can an organisation set up to preserve stately homes possibly create a “fair, equal society” unless it fills them with poor moslem migrants? This is beyond crass and devalues the work of the many people genuinely trying to create a more fair society. I am no longer a member of the National Trust, but if I were I would resign. It has been taken over by morons.

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