Modern Art

A Danish artist who was given $83,000 worth of Danish kroner by a museum to use in a artwork, pocketed the cash and submitted two blank canvasses entitled “Take the money and run”.

For an exhibition on money and labor the Kroger Museum of Modern Art commissioned artist Jens Haaning to recreate a previous artwork featuring real banknotes. After submitting the cashless canvasses, Haaning explained, “The artwork is that I have taken the money. It is not theft, it is a breach of contract, and the breach of contract is part of the work”.

My comment: I’m greatly in favor of jokes, but this one is not very funny. It begs the question “what future does Haaning have in the art world?” There is huge demand for truck drivers to help sort out the overloaded import system. You could be doing something useful, Mr, Haaning!

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