Me Too

If occasonally I depart from philosphic mode, I hope I will be forgiven for my human failing. It usually isn‘t worth getting roiled up.

On this issue, however, I don’t apologise at all. What some entitled, predatory and totally amoral men are doing now in the United States is trying to discredit the MeToo movement and to make out that they, the men, that is, are being victimised and unfairly picked on by harridans who hate men and who make up sordid events that never happened. Already we have seen a group of men, led by no less than the President of the United States (!) trash the reputation and the quiet, honest and totally believable testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, who charged Judge Kavanaugh with attempted rape.

Now other men are piling on, with poor-me stories of wild and unsubstantiated accusations that “women” are false witnesses, only out to bring down decent, upstanding men, who now dare not even smile at a woman without being accused of date rape.

Maybe I, in turn, am being unfair, but to me (as a man) the only reason I can see for this backlash against women is a compunction to lash out as a “saint” (with a guilty conscience?) in order to head off a real case of sexual harrassment, and to brand a woman before she gets a chance to brand you. The sight of the President trashing the victims of harassment and rape while his ardent supporters (including women!) cheer and laugh, filled me with disgust. You can be poorly educated, out of a job, fed up with the way the country is run, but still exhibit sympathy, even outrage on behalf of women exploited sexually by powerful bosses.

Can a man be a member of the MeToo movement? Count me in!

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