Mass displacement by climate.

3.5 m people forced to flee cyclone Fani in India and Bangladesh

1000 killed and 617,000 uprooted from their homes by cyclone Idai in Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Bahamas were recently devastated by Hurricane Dorian

The Amazon forest fires are mostly caused naturally (although no one knows how many were man-made).

Fast ice melt in Greenland  and Antarctica.

The Great Barrier Reef blanching and dying.

13 Pacific islands have disappeared in recent years.

Glaciers melting in Andes, Iceland  and Asia.

Brush fires across Russian tundra igniting ground peat, which could burn for years, displacing people).

Rust in coffee crops of Central America, leading to collapse of coffee farming in Guatemala and  El Salvador major driver of migration save to US).

Libya in huge water crisis (90% of its water now undrinkable)

Sana’a,  capital of Yemen has lost all its natural water supply

Lack of water fueling tribal conflicts in Fergana Valley, Afghanistan

Gaza strip ( pop. 2.1 million) will run out of water from its already polluted acquifers in about 12 months time

Present population of Africa 1.35 billion, expected to reach 4.95 billion by 2,100.  How will this huge population survive?  Good question.

And global climate change is a hoax?

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