Light relief

A 75-year-old man who took up ballet four years ago in memory of his late wife has passed his grade one exam. Bernard Bibby, who was married to Celia for 55 years, said dancing had brought them together because he was “the only boy at the youth club who could jive”.

Following her death in 2015, he decided to sell his TV to force himself to go out and find new ways to entertain himself. After trying ballroom and Latin dancing, as well as tap, he settled on ballet. He took his exam in November at the Bridge Academy of Performing Arts in Rochester, and received the (successful) result two weeks ago.

Comment:  Everyone needs a non- work related hobby or pastime.  To sit all the time in front of a TV is not a good idea ( and, in America, repetitive and not good for stress).  I do drawing and watercolors, very absorbing and relaxing.  And you don’t have to be good at it because it is just for you.

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