“Let us bring in the workers we need to succeed”

The London “Evening Standard” is hardly a left-wing publication.  On most issues it backs the Tory views.  However, back on July 17th they publicised a plea to the government to “let us bring in the workers we need to succeed”.  It was issued by a consortium of business groups representing thousands of companies.  They are worried that skilled foreign workers will return home after Brexit.

As it is, there is a serious shortage of specialist workers.  What the companies want is the extension of temporary visas to 2 years, reforms to let firms sponsor more overseas recruits, and 2 year visas for new international graduates.  At the moment you can only bring in foreign workers if they are paid £30,000 or more.  The retail sector alone relies on 170,000 EU nationals, presumably most earning less than £30,000.  These people could be sent home after Brexit, the result being chaos.

But wait a moment –  the Brexiteers want to dispense with the services of all East Europeans, skilled or not.   Brits are no longer taught electrics, carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying or any other essential manual skills in what used to be called “technical colleges”.  These colleges renamed themselves universities and their technical expertise seems to have declined.  So we now absolutely rely on East Europeans to keep our houses upright and the rain out.  Wait till the rich brexiteer Tories cannot get anyone capable of repairing their houses, let alone serving in high street shops!  Many poorer people will rejoice at the new vacant job opportunities, but the mood of customers will sour when the rain comes through the roof.  Be careful what you wish for!


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