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“U.K voter ID plan will “undo progress”

The government’s plan for mandatory photo ID at elections risks disproportionately hitting older, disabled and homeless voters who are less likely to have such documents, campaigners have alleged. There have been warnings that “decades of democratic progress” could be undone by the measure because more than two million UK voters could lack the necessary ID to take part in future elections.

 My take:  You can’t help noticing that the British government governs with one eye on what  American Republicans are up to, that is , a variety of stringent vote suppression measures.  This photo requirement is  new to the UK, which has a thorough local register of voters, a system trusted for decades. Not content with winning the last election by a sizeable margin, the Tories now want to choose their future voters.  This copycat stuff has all the hallmarks of a growing fascist, or at least anti- democratic, tendency.

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