Learning from experience

“Dives sum, si non redo eis quibus debeo” (Plautus, Curculio, 377)

“I am a rich man as long as I don’t pay my creditors”.

Comment: Who do we know who fits this bill? No prizes for guessing!

Meanwhile, once upon a time I ran a company in London. There were three large and prominent potential customers in Wales. A friendly competitor told me to avoid them – they didn’t pay their bills. Naturally, I was a bit cavalier about this advice, nice guy though he was. I duly got the business and, guess what? None of the said companies ever paid us. Stupid of me? Yes? I believed the customers more than the competitor. I hope the creditors had super tropical holidays at my expense. Somebody had to benefit from my stupidity.

Relevance to Epicureanism? Peace of mind; being satisfied with what you have; be careful about ambition; trust those you know and be careful of those with “reputations”.

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