Keeping the cost of drugs high

The Trump administration has dramatically increased the number of legitimate shipments of prescriptions it seizes at the border. The Food and Drug Administration is seizing shipments of cheaper, legal medications from legitimate pharmacies around the world. High drug prices in the U.S. have long driven Americans to look internationally for cheaper medications. Historically, the federal government has turned a blind eye to those purchases — until now.
The FDA has quietly used funds it said were needed to capture shipments of opioids to step up its seizure of legitimate, safe drugs that individuals and pharmacies have long imported into the country.

One 85 year old man, who suffers fron Crohn’s disease, has been importing a drug called Asacol, which is no longer made or available in the US. He had no option but to order from abroad. The FDA has impounded the drug, putting his life at risk. But the government does not regard its job as acting for citizens, only companies (and companies who contribute to campaign funds, no doubt). The FDA acts only on behalf of pharmaceutical companies in this case – just as the Federal aviation department is there to support airlines, not the taxpayer. Government for the people, by the people? I don’t think this is what the Founders intended, but it won’t improve anytime soon with a corporatist Supreme Court in place and money the only yardstick. Sad!

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