Is this a non-sequitur?

Speculation has emerged that penguins may be aliens after scientists found traces of a chemical from Venus in their droppings.

Experts are struggling to explain how phosphine exists on Earth – 38 million miles away from Venus. Scientists in the UK who believe alien life forms may have already been detected say studying penguins could help them identify the types of organisms that exist on other worlds. (The Week, 22 Sept 2021)

My comment: Epicurus would have pointed out that we are bombarded with lumps of rock which originate who-knows-where in the universe. Just because phosphine has been identified on Venus doesn’t mean that it isn’t present in galaxies, and in asteroids, in even more distant reaches of the universe.
Epicurus might have pointed out that all this is is common sense. But this is just the view of an historian. Historians are renowned for proudly stating the obvious.

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