Irreparable damage

Recently Theresa May strongly rejected the idea of holding a second Brexit referendum. Calls for such a vote have been growing among MPs, who claim it’s the only way of breaking the parliamentary deadlock. But May, who survived a Tory leadership challenge, insisted that another referendum would do “irreparable damage to the integrity of our politics”.

What does she mean: “‘would do’ irreparable damage to the integrity of our politics”? “Would do? The irreparable damage is already done! The political class has shown themselves to be incompetent, unable to analyse the problems associated with leaving the EU, to take a measured view of what could and could not be done, or to devise a strategy on exit from the EU membership without wrecking the relationship with Britain’s biggest trading partners, and undermining the way of life, prosperity and security of the people who elected them. The problem in the UK is the same as in the US – the politicians don’t actually initiate ideas or make the decisions any more; they are ciphers. It is the donors who tell them what to do, but on this issue the rich backers of Brexit are as ignorant and incapable of homework as the politicians.

Brexit was always going to be immoderate in the hands of the extreme right wing of what is inaccurately and euphemistally called the “Conservative” Party. Brexit, for sure, is very far from being a conservative idea. It is certainly an un-Epicurean one.


  1. The case for a 2nd referendum is simple. In 2016, no specific version of Brexit had been negotiated. There were a plethora of different visions as to what leaving the EU would look like, allowing Leave campaigners to make wild promises and contradictory statements. Now we have an exact deal, we should be able to make an informed choice as to whether this is something we really want.

    • Hear, hear! When the worst happens watch the extreme right explain that the economic disaster that has befallen the country is the fault of 1. Teresa May, 2. The unreasonable EU, 3. The English speaking world, which, unaccountably, has its own issues and is going to do no favours to Britain, and 4. The Remainers, who should never have backed going into the EU in the first place.
      Political Principal No. 1: It is never, ever our fault.

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