Incarceration of migrants, 2

The migrants on the Southern border are treated as an army of feckless invaders.  Families are being broken up , children are kept in hot, fetid disease-ridden camps, and no one in the government seems to know how many are in detention, where they are or which children belong to which parents.

Common decency, and Epicurean teaching, requires us to treat migrants kindly and respectfully, feed and accommodate them decently, and treat them as fellow human beings.  Sub-contracting this job to private profit-making companies employing uncaring, even racist staff is unacceptable, as is the  incarceration of domestic criminals in private, for-profit (!) jails.  The idea that one’s friends and political funders should be able to make a profit out of everything under the sun, including tasks only appropriate for government,  is distasteful and was probably at outset never intended to be humane.

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