I’m outa here!

One pays for things like blogs and websites. Money, that is.

Today I decided I want to move to another planet, a planet without hi-tech stuff or teeming with fraudsters.

I tried to renew my subscription for this blog domain. Should be easy, yes? No.

It seems that my wife, minutes before, had tried to order something from a famous company with a French name. I knew nothing about it till later.

Well, our credit card people decided that trying to pay a French company had to be fraud, and they suspended use of the credit card. Unknown to my wife I was simultaneously trying to pay the hosting subscription for Epicurus.Today
I was told that the card had been suspended for possible fraud, and I had to abandon my efforts.

There was no fraud, just a whole load of wasted time and making a fool of myself with the hosting company. To wind up my frustration, the security person at our credit card company asked, among a host of other questions, who we spent xxx dollars with on October 18th. Turns out it was a food delivery, but I hadn’t a clue. Our front door is sometimes like a left-luggage area. Fortunately my wife knew the answer, but the point is that the afternoon was wasted with all this, and I ended desperate to catch the first rocket to……to…..anywhere else in the universe.

This is all a huge waste of time (I imagine, dear reader, that you have had similar annoyances connected with credit cards, computers phones etc.).

Upshot: I went back on the hosting site to finally pay, only to learn that it takes TWO DAYS to clear the suspension of our credit card!

When I get to the new planet I want to pay what I owe with pebbles.

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