If you can’t beat ‘em, cheat ‘em.

Since the 2020 election, state legislatures have introduced more than 250(!) anti-voter bills particularly targeting Black and Brown voters.

Millions of dollars in political spending from big donors and wealthy special interests — often spent anonymously — are tilting (have tilted?) the balance of our democracy towards special interests.

Meanwhile, partisan and racial gerrymandering is still silencing voters –denying us a meaningful choice at the polls.

Epicurus may not have had a positive view of politics, but he would be dismayed. What is going in some State capitals is worthy of Russia or China, that is, it’s yet another attempt at a creeping coup, and an effort to guarantee one-party rule indefinitely. You can have no peace of mind with these shenanigans. They must be stopped and fair elections guaranteed.

There is a Democrat bill in the US Congress, called “For the People”, which attempts to turn back the attempt to create one party rule. It would

– guarantee every citizen’s freedom to vote…
– ensure that people, not Big Money, set the agenda…
– end partisan and racial gerrymandering…
– clean up our government…
– and make democracy work for everyone.

My comment: The Dems are now excited, in addition to the above bill, that would transform DC into a State. Since those who live there (more numerous than some existing States) are disenfranchised. This seems fair, but in reality it is another tat for tat, ensuring (?) 2 additional members of the House and presumably another Senator. Thus the maneuvering goes on. Ordinary citizens dearly wish the politicians would concentrate on the welfare, particularly the health, of the populace. No wonder Epicureans get impatient with politics as practiced at present.

Back to non-political subjects!

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