Ideologies of the extreme Right


White replacement theory is said to be the driver behind much of the gun violence in America. It claims that white people will be systematically replaced by black and brown migrants, and comprises two sub-conspiracies:

  • the so-called “great replacement theory”, originating in France: western identity is under siege by massive waves of immigration, mainly from the Middle East and Africa, which is going to alter the culture and demographics of the West forever.  Followers believe racial mixing weakens the fabric of society and is an imminent threat to the stability of majority-white , western nations.   Others in this belief system believe in a shadowy Jewish group that aims to rule the world and wants a homogenous society they can control.
  • “the white genocide conspiracy” comes from the US and originated in the Reconstruction era, after the abolition of slavery. It claimed that the US was on the brink of a “race war” in which the former slaves would rise up and kill their former masters.  Strange though this now seems to us, this theory is merging with the “great replacement“ theory online, and focuses these days on migrants from south of the border,  purporting to be a call to arms to protect the white race.  Many of the 250 mass shootings in 2019 were rooted in this idea, mainly espoused by young, white men.  (synopsis of an article in Guardian Weekly, 9 August 2019)

With climate change you can be sure that the migrations will gather pace, along with sympathy for the white replacement theory. At the moment it attracts people of low IQ, poor, badly educated and often unable to find work.  Trump, an expert in resentment politics is making it sound “respectable”. Apparently, no amount of harassment and cruelty towards innocent Latino children crossing the border, for instance, is enough for his base.

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