I think we are lost!

Drivers drove their vehicles into protestors at least 139 times between late May 2020 and the end of September 2021, killing three people and injuring at least 100. A nationwide analysis indicates that only 75 of the ramming cases led to any charges, with only 4 drivers convicted of felonies. (The Boston Globe).

My comment: To drive recklessly and deliberately at pedestrians raises hatred and inhumanity to levels more appropriate for the Nazi regime than for USA 2021. And not to charge the perpetrators?! I don’t have the detail, but suspect that the demonstrators may have been black. But race and color are not the main point – it is humanity, respect and decency that does, and these civilized aspects of human beings appear to be sidelined and subsumed by political hatred and cruelty.

Epicurus would utterly condemn such attitudes and gladly incarcerate the perpetrators,sine die.

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