Humanitarian aid

Around the world, one in every 33 people will need humanitarian aid, an increase of 40% from last year, according to the UN. More than half of countries who need international support to cope with coronavirus are already dealing with other crises. But despite this extreme need, aid budgets have been declining. In 2020, the UN reached 48% of its funding appeals, compared with 63% in 2019. Could coronavirus cause an overhaul in the aid sector? (Guardian 2/ 5/2021)

My comment:   By not helping the poorer countries we are contributing to potential instability and chaos in the future.  We not only have a moral duty to help the poor, homeless and ill-fed, but it is in our own interest to do so It is natural for Western countries, with easier access to vaccines, to vaccinate their own people first – but it does creates a moral dilemma.  I can’t see the United States ever vaccinating all its citizens, but the UK is handling the vaccinating very fast and well, thanks to the National Health Service (socialized medicine – shudder!!).  Britain at least should soon, therefore, send vaccines to the poor countries – free.  Aside from the goodwill created, it is the decent thing to do.

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