HR 1, a bill in the US Congress.

So what exactly does the House of Representatives H.R.1  bill do that Republicans find so horrifying?

  • It creates a national system for automatic voter registration and expands early voting and same-day registration.
  • It makes Election Day a holiday for federal employees and encourages private businesses to also take the day off to encourage voting.
  • It requires “dark money” groups to make their donor lists public and mandates that Facebook and Twitter disclose the source of funding for political ads that appear on their platforms.
  • It institutes public financing for political campaigns.
  • And it beefs up ethics rules to fight corruption and gerrymandering of constituencies.

Well sure, that would certainly terrify me if I were in the pockets of monied interests and had spent years trying to skew elections my way – but certainly not otherwise.

The Republican Party has  duly developed a new line of attack against H.R.1: They are calling the proposal “Russian government policy.”. Excuse me? I can think of nothing more American than protecting the right to vote, getting Big Money out of politics, and reforming our broken system.

The Republicans who thought up this original interpretation of the bill should not, however, be confused with decent Republican supporters who support democracy and the Constitution, and who must be embarrassed about the behaviour of the local and congressional politicians they are expected to vote for.

Epicurus would, I’m sure want to see America be made great again by cutting out the cheating and the twisting of the system out of whack.   Aside from anything else, if these politicians had a program that benefitted the whole country, not just special interests, then they wouldn’t need to gerrymander, use “dark money”etc.   Tell me I am wrong!  (I remember when the Republican Party was, relative to the old Democrat Party, the party of principle and support of the Constitution).  Epicurus stood for integrity, and so should we.

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