I have recently been traveling short distances by bus. On almost every (free) trip there is some poor soul, disheveled, hair down to his shoulders and carrying a weird assortment of plastic bags etc.

Homelessness where I live is all too common and affects both black and white communities.  They closed the hospital/ hostel called St. Elizabeth’s,  a haven for homeless people.  There seems nowhere for these poor souls to go. Recently, a man I spoke to said that he, his wife and children, were camping in the local library (there was no reason to think he was lying).

Many  have lost their jobs and homes (the virus is only one reason) and have psychological problems.  I keep some cash on me on the way to the gym to help anyone clearly in distress. (Yes, there is the drugs question – is that what the money will go on?) Notwithstanding the fact that you cannot know all the circumstances, I consider it a disgrace that these homeless people are not looked after.

For a quarter of the money handed by the current government to the ultra-rich in the last few years, every one of these homeless people could be given a roof over their heads, however basic.  Now that would be Christian!

Without  regard to gender, income, class and origin Epicurus welcomed people into his garden.  The least we can collectively do is to contribute towards giving the homeless shelter and food – and a bit of self-respect.  I will stay off the politics of all this, but the implications are obvious to everyone.


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