Harry and Megan

Yes, I know!  You have better things to do than think about them.  But……

Some years ago my wife and I were walking down a London street when we encountered a group of photographer on the sidewalk, looking expectantly across the street at a block of flats.

“Who are you waiting for?” I asked one of the photographers.

He replied,  “We are waiting for Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant”.  (movie stars, in case you have forgotten).

I asked, “Will you be able to interview them?”

“Oh, no, “ he replied “We just take the pics.  The reporters come along later and make up the story”.  (This is absolutely true)

If moderation is the keynote of Epicureanism then the British trash news industry gets zero out of a hundred. Much of what they (there are too many of them, which is part of the problem) print is imaginative fabrication, entertainment for those with too little else to entertain them and too scanty an education to look beyond gossip.  But it is also scurrilous, crude, divisive and hurtful.  Were I dictator I would ban the whole lot of them and tell them to do something useful.  But I am not and I can’t.

I happen to be a great supporter of the Queen, and would rather have her as head of state than Boris Johnson.  She and her family, for all their human faults, deserve better than to see the institution trashed by the gutter press.

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  1. Harry and Meghan have my full support! They’ve done the right thing, withdrawing from public duties. Meghan has been treated horrifically by the press, and I suspect racism has much to do with the way she’s been portrayed. Were she a white, middle class Englishwoman like Kate Middleton, things would be very different.

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