Scrap handwriting?

A-level and GCSE exams should be typed on computers because prolonged periods of handwriting can be “tiring” for students, a headteacher has said. Keith Metcalfe, the head of the £9,000 per term Malvern College, has called on exam boards to drop compulsory handwritten exams for GCSEs and A-levels in favour of typed papers. He said the move would “improve fairness and accessibility for all”, adding that handwriting “has largely disappeared everywhere” and is “very antiquated”. ( The Guardian 23 Dec 2021)

My reaction: Are you serious? “Prolonged periods of handwriting can be “tiring” for students?”. Poor diddums! Your forebears have been writing exam essays etc for centuries! What Grandfather did without complaint you can do. Stop cosseting students!

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