Graduate jobs

Graduates face stiff jobs competition.

Competition for graduate jobs has reached a record high with more than 90 applications for every position, according to the Institute of Student Employers. Last year’s graduates left university in the toughest jobs market since the last recession, as a backlog of unemployed graduates intensified the scramble for jobs. A spokesperson said: “This highlights the genuine struggle for young people to find work during the pandemic.”(The Week, 11 Nov 2021).

My comment:I deeply sympathize. When I finished full-time education the job market was very competitive indeed. I sent off dozens of job applications and heard back from only three companies, one of whom declared that I was over-qualified! Fast forward, running my own company, I interviewed as many people as I could, and, if I didn’t take an applicant on, I would write a gentle, encouraging letter, suggesting other options and giving them possible contacts. They were young and their self-images probably fragile. It is horrible feeling unwanted!

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