Gerrymandering the vote

“55 million Americans live in states that restricted their voting rights last year. And we know more harmful laws are coming this year that will threaten the stability of our election system. We need a federal response.

The comprehensive Freedom to Vote Act has provisions that would improve election administration, election security, redistricting, campaign finance rules, as well as establish a new Office of State Democracy Promotion. The legislation would protect voting rights by requiring automatic voter registration, increasing voting access for people with disabilities, and lowering wait times at the polls.

Without voting access for all and thoughtful election reform, the promise of our democracy remains unfulfilled”. (Rachel Deitch, The Humanist, Feb 2022).

My comment: The undermining of universal voting rights in a country once regarded as the modern beacon of democracy is utterly shameful, reminding me of one or two boys at school who, if they couldn’t win at something shamelessly cheated, and regrettably got away with it with confident arrogance, having convinced themselves and those around them of their general “superiority” of character and intentions. Drove me crazy, but I fear that this posture can begin early in life and is seldom effectively checked by adults, who are lazy, just want peace and quiet or are scared of fight-back.

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