Food stamp program: 688,000 excluded

Over the summer of 2019 the president indicated that his team thought low-income families were getting a too greedy about food.  He announced a new plan designed to exclude hundreds of thousands of people from the food stamp program. This was done last December by tightening  work requirements for able-bodied adults with no dependents, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said.

Under the old law, able-bodied adults without dependents could receive SNAP benefits for a maximum of three months during a three-year period, unless they were working or enrolled in an education or training program for 80 hours a month.

But states were able to waive this time limit to ensure access to food stamps during the ups and downs of reentering the workforce. Before this rule, counties with an unemployment rate as low as 2.5% were included in waived areas. The new rule, which took effect on April 1st tightened  the criteria for states applying for such waivers, making 6% the minimum unemployment rate for a county to receive a waiver….

If you don’t understand all this, don’t worry!  Nor do I! The point is that 688,000 of the nation’s poorest and neediest people have been be dropped from SNAP (adapted from an article in Washington Post, 4 December 2019)

My comment:  This posting has to be read in conjunction with tax reductions to long-suffering big companies and the super-rich, even requested bail-outs. To those who have shall be given; to those with little, well, who cares? If they don’t make money, let them be hungry.  Makes you wonder how Christianity ever crushed the rational and decent Epicureans.  But it did, which makes you wonder about human beings.  

When you witness blatant cruelty and inhumanity I suggest that you have a moral right to protest.  This is not party political; it is about human decency.


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