Fired Boeing head gets $62 million

Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing boss fired last month, will receive equity and pension benefits worth $62m.  This was the head of a company whose staff have quietly told the Press that management are incompetent and interested mainly in maintaining profits and share price.  346 Passengers are dead because the company sold planes whose electronics were faulty, and, it appears, the top management knew it and just kept their fingers crossed.  And, by the way, his successor in charge of this ”flagship” corporation, David Calhoun, will receive an annual salary of $28 million p.a., plus a long- term incentive reward of $7 million.

Oh, and the executive in charge of the commercial plane division, and recently also fired,  is receiving a lump sum $14.75 million.

Meanwhile, the same day as this news broke about Muilenburg’s pay-off, one of the largest parts suppliers for Boeing’s 737 Max plane, laid off 2,800 employees. 24 companies who supply Boeing , and rely on their business, are also in limbo and under threat.  The workers only, of course.

How can anyone claim that this situation is fair and just?  How can they say that capitalism, current American style, is working?  It breaks every principle of moderation and fairness (look after the company politicians, to hell with the workers!).  Locked into the “good ‘ole boy” network of more money than they can spend, the elite seem unable to think about the long-term consequences of their greed.  The “swamp” is not the Washington civil service; it is something else entirely.

Will someone come on this blog and explain why they think the system works for the  American people?


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