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.Many CEOs and politicians like North Carolina State Rep. David Rouzer have been adamant in their beliefs that extended unemployment benefits and $1,400 direct stimulus checks have led to the lack of workers in the fast-food industry. This assertion is patently false and anyone who repeats it should be ashamed of themselves.

 Did it ever occur to some that maybe— just maybe— if they stop paying their workers starvation wages they’ll have more employees willing to work for them? Not only would they have employees, but they would have employees who don’t have to work three or four jobs to put food on the table. Most employees wouldn’t have a problem working if they were being paid a living wage for their hard work. Instead of dull-witted statements that opponents of living wages resort to like “Stimulus checks make people lazy”; how about businesses start paying their workers a wage that they can actually live on.”. (Friends of the Patriotic Millionaires)

My comment:  I agree with the above, but can also understand the situation of many companies.   You know your wage rates are arguably too low for staff to make a decent living.  But you also know that in a low margin business a hike in wages could endanger the company’s cash flow, profitability and viability.  Everyone could easily be unemployed.

When much younger I ran a company where where margins were thin and the market viciously competitive.  Day three of my tenure and the bank manager summoned me and threatened to withdraw credit ( e.g bankruptcy) if I didn’t get the overdraft down.  Result?  All of us would be jobless   if you haven’t had this experience let me tell you it keeps you awake at night, regardless of your level of care and commitment to human decency.  And this was a hundred year old company.  It was not originally set up as a low margin outfit.  Events had put it in a vise, and you had to do your best.

My heart goes out to all the companies, large and small, who have suffered during the pandemic for no fault of their own.( P.S We survived 15 years until the advent of the Apple Mac.  Technology, not wage rates did for us.  Won’t bore you with detail!).

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