Fifty years of environmental regulations scrapped

The following are just a few of the reversals of environmental protection laws in the last three or so years.

1. Pulling out of the Paris climate accord.

2. Easing of the regulation of methane emissions.

3. Scale-back of requirements for storing and releasing waste from coal-fired power plants

4. Increase in allowable levels of the herbicide Atrazine for use with crops and lawns.

5. Blocking of stricter efficiency requirements for common light bulbs.

6.  Rescinding of the Clean Water Act for streams and wetlands

7.  Reduction of the acreage of protected land in the US.

8.  Opening of more than 180,000 acres of national forest to logging

9.  Global emissions of HFC23 ( hydrofluorocarbon gas), a chemical expelled from cooling systems, and 12 times more potent than carbon dioxide, are increasing at an all- time record rate

If you agree with these measures you are not an Epicurean!  If you still feel global climate change is a  scam and you should be allowed to trash the natural world at will, well, words fail me…..

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