Excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita, Part 1

……..Virtuous people find it difficult to believe that such evil exists on earth. It’s proponents, moreover, often proclaim (if they have a degree of intelligence) teachings that are designed purposefully to win others to their side: teachings like “the greatest good for the greatest number” and “each according to his need, from each according to his capacity to give”.  On the field of actual activity, however, they show themselves nothing but power hungry, ruthless, and utterly cynical in the application of their so-called “ideals”.

Such people appear in every age.  Usually they are more or less successful according to how many dissatisfied Shudras and idealistic but undiscriminating intellectuals they can persuade to fill their ranks.

(16:10).  Abandoning themselves to insatiable desires, hypocrites, pretending a noble purpose, filled with self-conceit, insolent (to anyone who disagrees with them), their concepts (assuming they have any) twisted by delusion; their actions prompted solely by impure motives.

(16:11). convinced that the fulfillment of physical passion is man’s highest goal, confident that there is no world (and no life) but this one, such persons, until the moment of death, are engrossed in earthly cares and concerns.

(16:12) Bound by the fetters of hundreds of selfish hopes and expectations, enslaved by passion and anger, they strive by unlawful means to amass fortunes with which to purchase sensual physical pleasures.

(16.13) “This much” they say, “I have acquired today, putting me in a position to attain this desire. I have this much money at present; my goal now is to acquire more”.

(16.14)  Or they say: “Today I have slain this enemy.  Next, I shall slay more.  What I’ve wanted I possess. I am successful, powerful and happy”.

 My comment:  It was ever thus.  Regrettably, the sort of people discussed above seem to scrabble to the top, trampling underfoot any who oppose them.  These attacks by the hyper-ambitious, self-reverential and unempathetic seem to come in bursts.  The last outbreak required a worldwide war to dislodge Hitler and  Mussolin, leaving the malevolent Stalin still out and about.  Now we have another eruption, as usual supported by the aggrieved and the economically insecure, who nonetheless support the massive wealth disparities in society.   When will we ever learn?

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