Evangelicals in the US

Prior to the election in swing states where lots of evangelicals vote, $140,000 worth of billboards contrasted biblical quotes with those of President Donald Trump. One had an image of Jesus on the left with the phrase, “Turn the other cheek,” while on the right was a photo of Trump saying, “I’d like to punch him in the face.” The signs were up in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and more.

With exit polls trickling in that suggest Trump’s support among white evangelicals slipped around 5 percentage points nationwide to 76 percent, and more in a few battleground states, the coordinated effort among this group that makes up roughly one-fifth of the electorate might have ensured victory for Joe Biden.

The billboards—part of a campaign dubbed, “His Words Matter”— were courtesy of Vote Common Good, which spent $2.5 million to defeat Trump, and teamed with other organizations such as Faith 2020, Catholics for Biden, and The New Moral Majority. They went on a bus tour, stopping in 41 states for rallies that drew as many as 250 evangelicals each, and always made the local news on TV and in newspapers; they mailed postcards to Republican voters in Michigan urging them to vote against Trump; and they cut commercials with evangelicals pledging to do just that.

In Wisconsin,Trump is poised to lose by less than 1 percent of the votes, as is the case in Georgia and Pennsylvania, while the difference in Michigan is about 2 percent. In Kent County, Michigan, considered an evangelical stronghold, Biden earned 50,000 more votes than did Hillary Clinton four years earlier, ensuring it flipped from Republican in 2016 to Democrat in 2020. (Newsweek 11/13/20).

My comment: A British evangelical told me a while ago ago that she thought American evangelicals were not true evangelicals – real evangelicals are Christian and behave as true Christians behave: With loving kindness and tolerance, to start with.

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