“Euthanasia is the last taboo. We can change gender, two men can have a baby, two women can have a baby, and abortion is legal (just!). But a person with an incurable disease who wants to end her or his life cannot do so in most countries.” (Letter to the Guardian Weekly from Elizabeth Keating, Orcemont, France).

My comment: Had I an incurable disease I would hate to think that my wife was having to spend the latter years of her precious life, stuck in the house, caring for me, maybe long into the future. She is surely entitled to her own natural span of life and to enjoy it. My total incapacity would be as brutal and upsetting for her as it would be for me.

It would be a wonderful final act of love for her to concur with my wishes and have me painlessly put out of my misery (legally, I hope), and with happy memories and no regrets.

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