Epicureanism and politics

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“I believe a “supporter of Epicurus” as you and I are could say something about politics from time to time. Indeed, most of the time, if you try to follow Epicurus thoughts, you should eschew politics (for example : Principal Doctrine XIV). But not all the time.

Talking about Justice, Epicurus states clearly that you may act when the time is right, precisely when “actions which were formerly considered to be just under former circumstances are seen not to accord with the general concept of mutual advantage” (Principal Doctrine XXXVIII).

Where is the “mutual advantage” to let governments act like common thieves ? Nowhere. Let’s follow the thoughts of Epicurus and do something about it ! No contradiction here : Do you agree ?” (Julien Primavera in a reply to a posting on Epicurus.Today, June 1).

My comment:  the US is so divided and prone to misinformation and downright lies that I would compare it with Italy and Germany after the 1929 financial catastrophe.  Once we enter the maelstrom of political lies and the winding up of those who feel aggrieved, then we worsen a dreadful situation.  To what end?  Engaging in this riles you up and makes you more anxious, destroying ataraxia.  Vote, yes, absolutely, but don’t engage in ad hominem verbal contests with the ignorant and ill-informed.  You will never win, because these people do not have the education, knowledge and good parenting to actually listen.  They know what they know.  Period.

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