Emotion in the White House

The U.S Attorney general, William Barr has excused the wild behavior of the President by explaining, without a hint of humour or irony, that the President gets “emotional”.

Wow!  One of the frequent Republican accusations against women in charge of anything is that they are too “emotional” to be able to run whole countries or large companies.  It takes thoughtful, calm and knowledgeable people of male inclination to do that.  Hilary was accused of being a woman and therefore being too “emotional” to be President.  Can you imagine the field day her opponents would have had with her at the helm?  Every little thing that went wrong would be put down to her “unstable”, feminine disposition.

Of course, all this sexism is nonsense.  However, it seems that Mr. Barr has inadvertently given a good reason for demanding Trump’s resignation, not necessarily for collusion, obstruction or shady dealings but for being emotional.   Mr. Barr is clearly stating, as Attorney general, that Trump is unfit for his job.


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