Don’t do it! (anyway, not yet)

Epicurus counseled us to avoid politics and politicians, and watching the antics of politicians in the US, the UK (and, come to think of it the majority of other nations ) he was right. But we are experiencing another attack of world-wide irrational rage and lust for careless and cruel destruction last seen in the age of Hitler.  We have to be wise and strategic to avoid a burst of violence.  It has happened before.  Epicurus wanted us to seek and find ataraxia, and would have advised us to restore an atmosphere of moderation at all costs.

 Mueller clearly thinks he cannot, under the rules he operated under, indict the President , but hints that he would done so had the rules allowed.  Notwithstanding this,  I think we should support  US Senate Democrats who want the House to cool it on impeachment.  They see an impeachment drive as hurting more than helping their efforts to win back the Senate majority and generally back Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to keep a lid on the issue.

Even Senate Democrats running for president who back impeachment aren’t pressing Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer to take a more aggressive approach to the issue. Democratic senators say the subject of impeachment rarely even comes up in caucus-wide meetings and that it distracts from issues like health care they see as more important to voters.   

Impeachment is just what President (poor me, look at the wonders I am single-handedly achieving for the nation) Trump would like.  It would redouble the efforts of Republicans  to re- elect him and sharpen the already dire divisions, created, yes, single-handedly by him.

There is a moral issue here.  If a crime or crimes were committed (and Trump behaves as if he is guilty of something),  then he should be out of office.  But, pragmatically. it  is better to elect  a new President in 2020 who is honest, has some integrity and believes in the. Constitution (someone who has read it would be reassuring).









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