Dismal statistic

Almost half the airline flights taken by British men aged 20 to 45 last year were for stag do’s, while 35% of those taken by women in that age group were for hen parties. The environmental charity Hubbub, which published the figures, urged the public to save money, and CO2, by partying closer to home. (TheWeek 28 Feb 2020).

We are talking here about the generation that is, or ought to be, most concerned about the environment and climate change.  I think it should now be a consensus that fouling the air we breathe by taking plane rides all over the place for two or three days of celebration is no longer acceptable.  If you want to get blind drunk and make out with a girlfriend of the bride, it can be just as much fun to do so nearer home, less expensive and less harmful to the planet.

Epicurus was big on moderation.  There is nothing moderate, I suspect , in this modern fashion of marking the wedding of a friend.  Call me a prude if you will.  I don’t care!  But I do care about the planet I am leaving to my grandchildren.


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