Democritus and politics

“One must give the highest importance to affairs of the state, that it may be well run. One must not pursue quarrels contrary to right, nor acquire a power contrary to the common good. The well-run state is the greatest protection, and contains all in itself; when this is safe, all is safe; when this is destroyed, all is destroyed.” Democritus

Yes, Epicurus was against involvement, or even interest, in politics. Democritus clearly was not. At a time of dire danger to democracy and the near triumph of uber-capitalism over ideas of equity and humanity, how can we continue to subscribe to an indifference to politics?

Meanwhile, a reader has raised the issue of tax in America – who pays it, who avoids it, and is it fair – a very political question that we should be airing when we consider the Epicurean view of life. I will be doing some homework and will return to the subject.

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