Decline and fall?

An inherent contradiction exists in the the liberal world economy.  The current globalization of the capitalist market system is transforming the world economic structure and diffusing wealth to a score of countries other than the previously dominant West.   This is having the inevitable effect of undermining the hegemony of thwe United States at so rapid a rate that almost daily new evidence is there to see for any who are interested in world affairs.  The tipping point will come when the U.S can no longer call the shots.

This situation is hastened by the phenomenon that all hegemonists in history have experienced -  -  wasted military effort to  maintain the appearance of power.   The Romans dared not contract their frontiers for fear of seeming weak, and hired Huns to defend their borders against -  the Huns. The British looked fatally weak when the tiny number of Boers showed up the military weakness of the British empire in South Africa.  It was the beginning of the end.  Now we have incredibly expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are sucking the juice out of the American will to police the world, wasting treasure, lives and goodwill. Both wars are quite irrelevant to American power – – except you cannot to be seen to lose.

Meanwhile some Americans blather on about flag pins and patriotism while supporting actions that undermine the power and might of the very country they wish to be dominant.


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