Critical thinking

“Falsum etiam est verum quod constituit superior”.

False becomes true when the boss decides it is. (Syrus, Maxims).

My comment: One of the most important gifts a good education gives you is critical thinking. (When did you last hear tell about this concept?). To be able to read a newspaper article by a writer you otherwise respect and to spot errors of fact or interpretation is (or should be) part of the mental equipment of a good citizen.

I was speaking the other day to an acquaintance of mine, who told me that voting by mail was riddled with corruption and falsification. Say something often enough on TV and people start to believe it. The current fuss about postal voting has never been a huge issue before. Why? Because the number of proven cases of problems have been infinitesimal. We all know why this is suddenly a huge “problem”, and I don’t want to get into party politics. But since it has been researched to death, and I believe the academics and scientists, I intend to vote confidently by mail. The ballots look incredibly difficult to tamper with – you can see clearly if anyone has altered a ballot. It doesn’t take a bloodhound!

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