Corruption on public display

The federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program, a massive, multi-billion loan program designed to keep small businesses afloat and retain jobs as part of the CARES Act stimulus package, got a lot of heat for its seemingly opaque application and approval process when it debuted back in March. Now, as reports emerge of multi-million dollar handouts to wealthy donors, friends, family, and corrupt firms, it’s obvious that heat was well-deserved.

We are told that the public do not trust the government, and this is not likely to reverse that verdict. Companies with multiple branches, such as restaurants, put in for loans that treated each branch as a separate business, and this meant that the company walked away with massive handouts. – of our money.  This is not just a matter of maladministration; it is a matter of corruption.   Epicurus, who stood for openness and honesty would have been disgusted.

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