Oil delegates dominate Cop26

There were more delegates at Cop26 associated with the fossil fuel industry than from any single country, the BBC reported. It said 503 people with links to fossil fuel interests had been accredited for the climate summit, compared with 479 from Brazil, which has the largest official team of negotiators. A campaigner said the fossil fuel industry “is one of the biggest reasons why 25 years of UN climate talks have not led to real cuts in global emissions”.

My comment: We either stand up to fossil fuel industry or effectively lose the planet. But who is brave enough to do the standing up? Were I a national leader I fear my courage would not last long, to be honest. We can tut-tut as much as we like, but these people are powerful and determined. They need a huge incentive to back off.

P.S: On second thoughts, cancel last bit of the comment. Yes, actually I would stand up to the fossil fuel industry! What worth is my career and life next to those of the millions who will suffer grievously if nothing is done? At least I would be jobless and would keep my self-respect.

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