Cold water fish move North

My wife and I went mackerel fishing off the coast of Dorset, in Southern England. There were about 15 people on the boat, the weather was glorious and the catch quite good, enough for everyone.  We had fresh, baked mackerel for dinner that evening, caught on the end of a line.

I got talking to the owner of the boat, who told me that, this size of catch was now getting unusual. In the whole month of April he and his fellow fishermen had caught only 7 (yes, 7) mackerel.  He told me that the mackerel shoals were abandoning British waters and were moving North as result of the warming of the Channel waters.  If you want to fish for mackerel now, he told me, you have to go to the seas around Iceland to find the sort of numbers you used to get.

I wish Mr.“global climate change is all a hoax”Trump and his his fellow climate deniers could have heard these comments. What preposterous explanation would they have offered this fisherman for his calamitously falling catches.  The warming seas must be hurting him seriously., and his future as a professional fisherman looks scary.  All over the planet real people are having their lives and livings threatened, and Trump is boosting oil and gas production  and scrapping rules that mitigate the effects of a warming planet.  He will not be hurt, but his children and grandchildren certainly will be. He doesn’t care.  Epicurus distrusted politicians, justifiably – little has changed in that respect.

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