Clímate change

Given the polarisation of politics, it may come as a surprise to find widespread unity in the UK on the subject of tackling climate change. Labour and Conservative voters alike, whether leavers or remainers, place the environment among their top four priorities for government action.

And even though support falls when people are confronted with the cost of making changes, more than a quarter are in favour – or at least say they are in favour – of measures that would make them poorer. (The Week 12 Aug 2021)

My comment: Of all the many issues facing us climate change is the most fraught and the most urgent. It’s good to know that people generally accept that the climate is changing and that the Earth’s population is threatened.

I feel terrible for my children and even more so for the grandchildren. I am all for action, but admit that my wife and I have not yet done enough to reduce our footprints. We still fly and, although we only drive a pitifully small mileage a year, we still have a conventional car. “Must do better”!

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