Careless of lives or just plain stupid?

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced yet another challenge from within his own Conservative Party when Brexit Minister David Frost resigned effective immediately from Johnson’s cabinet Saturday. Frost, a member of the House of Lords, had planned to resign next month, but moved his timetable up to protest Johnson’s new COVID restrictions. Instead of implementing vaccine passports, Frost wrote in his resignation letter, the U.K. should “learn to live with COVID.” Earlier this week, 99 Conservative members of parliament voted against the passports in the largest defection of Johnson’s premiership. Frost urged Johnson not to be “tempted by the kind of coercive measures we have seen elsewhere.” [The Associated Press, BBC]

“………… learning to live with covid? Words fail me. I don’t know what these people learn or are told when they go to church, but since when has any religion advocated the selfish refusal to get vaccinated and to wear a mask? When I was a child I learned that christians should have compassion and care for those around them. One wonders what message nowadays comes from the pulpit. The rules laid down by most nations of the world, faced with omicron, simply reinforce the rather obvious – don’t endanger others, whereas “Look after yourself and to hell with everyone else” seems to be the latest message?

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