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Since 30 March 2018, at least 250 Palestinians have been killed and 6,000 injured with live ammunition amid Israel’s use of force against “Great March of Return” protestors in Gaza.

Among the casualties, three health workers – Musa Abu-Hassanin, Razan al-Najjar and Abdallah al-Qutati – have been shot dead by Israeli forces while trying to reach, treat and evacuate wounded demonstrators. A further 600 health workers have been injured. (Source: Medical Aid for Palestinians)

This violence gets next to no publicity in the West. Those who raise the matter are bullied, silenced, and accused of anti-semitism. Those trying, vainly, to recover their ancestral lands are branded terrorists, although semitic themselves, the descendants of human beings who have lived in or around Gaza for centuries.

This blog advocates Epicureanism, and, almost by definition, the idea of shooting dead health workers trying to rescue wounded demonstrators runs counter to everything Epicureanism stands for – no ifs or buts.

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