British unpopularity

When citizens of 13 EU member states were asked which of 35 countries they would be willing to offer financial help to in a crisis, the UK came below all but Colombia and Tunisia. On average, the UK received a net score of -8%, compared with 30% for Italy, 29% for Spain, and 17% for Greece.  (YouGov/The Independent)

My response: Not a surprise. Not only is the decision to leave the EU short-sighted, it will also ensure that, after over twenty centuries, Britain will be looked upon in the same way as Roman citizens regarded the island of Britannia. The difference is that in the days of Julius Caesar Britannia had sought-after tin mines, the reason Caesar invaded and his successors incorporated the fogbound islands into the empire.

Current TV in the US carries ads for Jaguar and other formerly British car-brands, with British voice-overs. Alas, car manufacturing left British shores years ago. Financial services will slowly follow. The final outcome, engineered by “Conservatives” is to relegate modern Britannia to also-ran status. Was this stupid? Y…… It is frustrating to watch the mismanagement of both American and British current public affairs and to be helpless.

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