Brexit: my most instant, heartfelt posting ever

Britain on Tuesday: May lost by over 400 votes! The rolling, roiling disaster gets worse by the day.

Lack of forethought, bullying, and downright ignorance rule the day! Epicurus would advise me to calm down, to be philosophical, to assume all will eventually settle down and rationality will be restored. It is possible that he could be correct, but I am also a patriot. I am writing this within minutes of the disastrous “No” vote that throws a crazy Brexit situation into even worse turmoil, uncertainty, and paralysis, led by people who want to finally unwind all the laws and rules that protect the old and the poor, their healthcare, their State pensions, their rights and protections. They want a winner-takes-all country dominated by the super-rich and by foreign money launderers – the “let-em-starve” mob.

I am a dual American and British citizen. I feel I am losing the country of my birth and the country of my adoption simultaneously. One could joke and call it careless. Like a refugee fleeing Middle Eastern man-made disasters I worry desperately about both of my countries, but particularly about the British futures of my five grandchildren who, whatever happens, will be growing up in a deeply divided country whose economic future is extremely questionable, to say the least. They are, in part, victims of the referendum, part financed by Vladimir Putin, and eagerly supported by dim-witted people who naively believed all the lies of the right wing Press.

Britain on Wednesday: Less emotionally, this is an extract from an article by the excellent writer, Anne Applebaum, in the Washington Post today:

“….Brexit has been a catastrophic failure. This messy, unpopular deal, the most unpopular policy that anyone can remember, was produced by a political class that turned out to be ignorant – about Europe, Europeans, trade arrangements, institutions – and arrogant, disdaining knowledge and expertise. It was the work of leaders who favored identity politics over economics, who preferred an undefined notion of “sovereignty” to the real institutions that gave Britain influence and power, and who believed in fantasies and scorned realities.”

“Time that could have been spent on other things – on debating defence, or poverty, or clean beaches – has been wasted on a policy that won’t make Britain happier, wealthier or stronger. Instead, this long debate has produced confusion and gridlock.”

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  1. Well said Robert. I’m in despair. I particularly agree with your critique of the ruling class. Their arrogance, over-confidence and blasé attitude towards the consequences of their actions has ruined the country. From any reasonably neutral perspective, the EU was always going to be very tough to negotiate with. The elite delusion that Brexit would be quick and easy had made us all suffer. Britain is what The Economist calls a ‘bluffocracy’, where eloquence and oratory are valued over expertise and willingness to find a consensus. Our schools, particularly our private schools, as well as universities, have a lot to answer for.

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