Big soda altering government policies in their own commercial interest

Consumer groups in the US have accused Coca Cola of trying to alter the policy of the  Centers for Disease Control in relation to sugar consumption by donating $1 million to the CDC Foundation and pressing the CDC to downplay sugar consumption as a cause of obesity and bad health (diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and cancer) and  instead talk about the importance  of exercise, which, by itself, in isolation will not reverse obesity or diabetes.  There have been no investigations or regulatory activity by Congress into Big Sugar and Big Soda under Obama or under Trump, so far.  

Just another case that illustrates who runs the country.  This is a run-of-the-mill example of how the interests of the ordinary citizen are subordinated to raising cash for Party coffers . Thousands of lives were lost before previous governments actually did something to stop Big Tobacco knowingly supply products that caused lung cancer.  Eventually, warnings were printed on cigarette packs, and cigarette use dwindled.  High consumption of sugar costs the country huge amounts in terms of healthcare.   American healthcare costs per head of population are already high enough, for goodness sake.

Moderation is a key Epicurean principle.  If the government, quaking with fear before a hoard of highly-paid lobbyists, cannot even try to protect the health of unaware consumers, then at least it shouldn’t allow the industry to peddle the lie that you can drink as much sweet soda as you want as long as you get a bit of exercise.  Stand up to these lobbyists.  Drink soda in moderation!  ( Mr. Trump, are you listening?)


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