Bereft of effective leadership!

“I am opposed to the UK government’s key policy (Brexit), but then so, until recently, was she (Theresa May). There’s a job that doesn’t need doing and, increasingly, it feels like she is just the person not to do it.” (David Mitchell, Guardian Weekly, April 13)

Meanwhile, a friend pointed out that the ineffectiveness of the Labour opposition is rational, if hardly patriotic or responsible. Who in their right mind would want to take on the Brexit negotiations? The last thing the opposition wants is a General Election that they could possibly win. Would you welcome this poisoned chalice, especially since many Labour voters are reportedly changing their mind and are now Remainers?

The other side of the coin is this: What are national politicians for unless they aim to help run the country as pragmatic leaders? Looking back years to dreams of pure Socialism, unsullied by reality, is doing favours to no one. There is currently no Her Majesty’s Opposition”. Epicurus advised against going into politics, and you can understand why. But he never said there should be no effective government!

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