Being a gentleman

I have to say that the modern world – and especially politics –  can be crude, vulgar, and lacking any kindness and thoughtfulness for others.

If there is one thing that separates those who espouse Epicureanism from most (not all!) of the rest of the human race , or the male half of it, anyway, is the old-fashioned concept of the. gentleman.  What are the character traits of a gentleman?

  •  Courtesy and politeness to everyone, young and old
  •  Kindness and thoughtfulness for others less well off than yourself
  • Patience with those less mentally agile than yourself
  • Honesty  (lie to nobody. Period)
  • Integrity  (having strong moral principles)
  • Reliability:   Always do what you say you will do
  • Loyalty to family, co-workers and country
  • Sense of humour (under-rated in some parts of the world!)
  • Mild self-depreciation  (no boasting)
  • Respect for rich, for poor, for black, for brown, for old and young
  • Viewing money as a necessary thing in life, but secondary to how you deal with others.
  • Consideration for the sick, the old, and the poor.  With that goes generosity towards not-for-profit organisations seeking to serve deserving causes.


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