Are American policemen adequately trained?

From the National Review:

US police have got a bad rap lately, but is it any wonder? Too often, they seem to get away with murder, literally. In recent years we’ve seen “the sad spectacle of a mistrial after a cop shot an unarmed, running man in the back”; the acquittal of the Minnesota officer who shot Philando Castile dead as Castile “was doing his best to comply with the cop’s panicked, conflicting demands”; and the acquittal of another cop who needlessly killed a drunk man, Daniel Shaver, who failed to follow his instructions.

And then there was Amber Guyger. A white Texas cop, she claimed that she thought she was entering her own flat,  saw what she thought was a burgler and killed him, a totally harmless black man, watching TV.  She wasn’t booked until three days after the killing, and was tried for manslaughter. If the roles had been reversed, does anyone doubt the man would have faced a prompt murder charge?

We ask a lot of cops, and most of them do a great job, but the justice system is too stacked in their favour. Officers must be “subject to the very laws they’re sworn to enforce”.  (David French, National Review, 29 Sept 2018).

  We have to have the rule of law and apply it to everyone. You can train policemen on the beat, but fear rules all – fear of guns and the trigger-happy characters the police have to deal with, or, rather, are afraid they will have to deal with.  Nothing will improve while such a large segment of the population defend the chaotic ownership of handguns and military-style weapons without let, hindrance or common sense background checks.  If a slew of white supremacist shootings , with 31 people dead, won’t move public opinion and get sensible safety rules, then there is no hope.

This is a moral issue.  I have first hand experience. The bullet grazed my forehead.  Don’t talk to me about the “right to bear arms”!

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